About Us


Vita in Italy is a magazine all about Italy and all things Italian! It includes sections on politics, history (including the journeys of the Apostle Paul), geography, recent news, language, culture, business, recipes and more. ‘Vita’ is the Italian word for life…through breathtaking photos and engaging articles, this unique publication will bring you to Italy to see the beauty, understand the history, appreciate the culture, taste the cuisine, breathe the atmosphere, and experience life.

That’s what Vita in Italy is about – it’s about life. Vita will transport you to these mountains, shores, streets and stones. You will imbibe daily life here and reach into the heart of the country and its people through the pages of this outstanding quarterly magazine. Immerse yourself in a timeless culture which has flourished for centuries in a people of passionate personalities, who adore eating and talking, and where conversation is an art. A mountainous boot of land rammed into the underside of Europe, creating the Alps; a majestic natural barrier traversed by snaking mountain passes and tunnels, and boasting beautiful scenery from the fertile Po Valley (Italy’s huge breadbasket nestling in the shadow of the Alps), to the gentle sun-soaked undulations of the Tuscan fields and colourful towns clinging to mountains and cliffs.

Italy possesses a rich trove of history ingrained and preserved in every corner of the land, renowned artisans and designers, paintings and sculptures, music and singers – and of course, the traditional cuisine; pizza and pasta, antipasto and primo, espresso and vino.

Italian is a melodic Latin-based language, with some words in daily use globally. Learn how to spell and speak basic Italian – ready for your next visit! The issues are set out in a well-structured series progressively conveying the various subjects in an interesting and stimulating way. Subscribe now and let your journey through Italy begin!